Best Aluminum Fishing Boat for Rough Water

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Planning to go fishing in rough waters? Then I recommend using an aluminum fishing boat. This type of boat is designed with strength and functionality in mind, so you will not go wrong in buying one.

Personally, using one has been a great choice because I usually do not encounter any problems when I use one, especially in rough waters. But since it has become a standard in the fishing industry, choosing the best aluminum fishing boat for rough water could be difficult knowing that there are already a lot of them.

Don’t worry, I have curated five of the best aluminum fishing boats to help you make your job of choosing easier.

What is an aluminum fishing boat, and why use it?

Before we dive deep further into the article, it is proper to get to know more about aluminum fishing boats. These boats are made primarily of – yes, you have guessed it right – aluminum. Aluminum is a superior material because it is lightweight and durable.

Moreover, it is essentially maintenance-free. Because of its toughness when used in varied fishing situations, many anglers recommend using it. I personally tried using an aluminum fishing boat when freshwater fishing and I thoroughly enjoyed using it.

An aluminum fishing boat comes in various styles. Each model features a steering-wheel console and a tiller-mounted engine. What I also like about this type of boat is that it delivers ample storage capacity, making it a better choice than other types of fishing boats. Plus, it is relatively budget-friendly, so you would not find it difficult to afford one.

What to look for in the best aluminum boat for rough water?

Before buying the best aluminum fishing boat, you first need to identify the things you need to look for in an ideal product. This way, you will surely be able to enjoy fishing without having to face any problems. I have identified several features to consider so that you will have know-how on the important points.


One of the most important factors that you have to look for is the motor of your aluminum fishing boat. It is a known fact that most boats consist of modern motors that deliver more control over turns and speed. So, you need to look for advanced motors that can solve common problems that you face. I recommend that you use troll motors. These types of motors provide special tools, gears, trolling motor batteries, and other features. So you will not have a hard time looking for efficient ones.


You also need to look into the size of the boat that you are going to buy. The decision should depend on your purpose. I recommend that you buy a boat that has a range of eight to 24 feet in size. It should also have a capacity of around eight people.

Boat Seats

One of the things that you need to look for in boats is their boat seat. And since we are talking about seats, I recommend interchangeable ones because they can be very useful in a variety of ways. These types of seats are customizable to suit your configurations and the number of seats on board. Moreover, these seats have snap-in tabs, plastic bases, and others.

Type of Hull

Finally, you have to look at the type of hull that the boat has. Located below the deck, the hull is more likely to be the body of the boat. It comes with distinct structures. So depending on the type of boat that the hull is made for, you have to consider it. For high-speed activities, I suggest that you pick flat-bottomed hulls. For turbulent water, I suggest picking V-shaped hulls.

Legend XTR Series

Kicking off our list of the best aluminum boat for rough water is the Legend XTR Series. Upon close examination of this boat, you will discover that almost everything that you need in a standard boat is here: from its massive live wells, and its huge casting decks, to its vinyl floors and spacious rooms. I personally like this boat because of its sleek yet very modern exterior. A splash of red pops from the boat.

This boat features a Dura-Deck vinyl, making it very easy to clean. It also has a 30-gallon lively where you can store your bait and healthy fish. Plus, it has a spacious compartment where you can store all your gear. You can get your friends and family with you and have the time of your life fishing with this boat.

– It stores rods conveniently.
– It provides easy access to the water.
– It is thicker and stronger.

Lowe 1810 Fishing Machine Pro WT

I also think that the Lowe 1810 Fishing Machine Pro WT is a good choice for you. This particular product offers a high-level performance fishing package thanks to its features. It features a robust aluminum deep-V hill and a smart walk-thru windshield that provides easy access to the boat and the fishing decks.

You can take up to a total of ten rods and store them in these lockable center and port side lockers. It also features convenient built-in storage compartments that include an in-deck storage space to keep your gear stowed and safe.

With all its features, I guarantee that you will experience a tournament-class performance while being able to command a walk-thru layout with it. With its capacity of at most six people, you can enjoy all the perks with your friends and family.

– It has built-in storage.
– It can accommodate six people.
– This boat is durable.

Crestliner 1750 Fish Hawk

The Crestliner 1750 Fish Hawk is a 17-foot aluminum fishing boat. It features a spacious console and an innovative funnel. Its console, in particular, includes two drink holders, room for electronics, a power outlet, and illuminated toggle switches. What I personally like about this boat is that it has options for stern jump seats for additional comfort on the part of the user.

Since most of you might be using it for fishing, storing your rods may come in handy thanks to its center rod storage. With an engine that is capable of producing up to 15 hp, you and your friends will be ready to jumpstart your fishing experience.

I also like that its live well is stern and deep. It is aerated to keep your prized fish in prime condition. Its premium console design is top-notch, so I recommend adding this to your options.

– It has sufficient room for rods.
– You can boat anywhere with it.
– It has multiple configurations.

Alumacraft Classic 165 Sport

There is also something to love with the Alumacraft Classic 165 Sport. Aside from its usual features, there is more to this brand than meets the eye, it offers ample storage where you could place your fishing paraphernalia.

It has a seating capacity of up to four anglers, so you can bring your friends with you when swimming. Thanks to its Evinrude E-tec, this boat is capable of pulling the children around for some exhilarating watersports action. This boat is 16 feet long in general. It is available in a full windshield option.

With its affordable price, you can actually get your money’s worth with this product. There is no need for you to look for others because the simplicity and functionality of this product are worth it.

– It is child-friendly.
– It has lots of room for storage.
– The boat is affordable.

– It can only accommodate up to four anglers.

Kingfisher 2025 Flex Tiller XP

Finally completing our list is the Kingfisher 2025 Flex Tiller XP. This is a high-speed boat that is built to run through rough waters and cold high waves in powerful comfort. All of this while keeping you dry and adventurous. It features a great amount of storage where you can keep your fishing amenities. These storage areas are accessible, so you can grab your desired gear the moment you need it.

Inside the boat, you will find a rear-mounted re-circulating livewell that is aerated to keep your prized fish alive even after you have finished fishing. It also features an extended bow platform with cargo nets and storage lockers. What I like about it is that the boat has carpeted marine flooring throughout to keep the grounds dry while making you feel comfortable all at once.

– It comes with a navigation lights package.
– The boat has excellent performance.
– It features a full-length performance delta keel.

What are the advantages of using an aluminum fishing boat?

There are a lot of reasons why you should buy the best aluminum fishing boat. Aside from its durability which I have repeatedly mentioned, there is more to it than meets the eye. In this section, I will dive further into the different benefits of having an aluminum fishing boat.


Aluminum is generally lightweight, so you will not have a problem hauling it to the waters. Being lightweight, you are sure that you will have a safe time sailing.


When speaking of comfort, there’s nothing more that I can recommend than an aluminum fishing boat. The aluminum hull is well suited to your comfort and convenience, so you will not have a hard time adjusting to the boat. The boat will adjust to you already. Furthermore, an added factor to its comfort would be its ability to be flexible, giving you your desired freedom to freely move without any hesitation or fear of falling over.


Of course, we cannot deny that your top priority when looking for boats is safety. And you probably need to prioritize it. We all know that the ocean tends to be unpredictable, and a new day might pose a new problem. Because it is resistant to corrosion and fire, you are assured that it will not wear off easily, contributing to your safety in sailing.

How do you clean your aluminum fishing boat?

It is not enough that you own an aluminum fishing boat. I recommend that you also maintain it and keep it clean. Here are some of the ways how you clean your boats.

Wash the Fishing Boat

Of course, the best way to clean your boat is to wash it. There are actually different ways how to wash it. Primarily, you can spray and scrub your boat using steel wool. To do this, you need to apply a cleaning agent on your boat and allow it to settle and form a coating.

Then, gently scrub the area where you sprayed the agent. Once done, you can wipe it with a clean cloth or rinse it with a power washer. I prefer rinsing it after spraying because doing so would create a shiny look on the boat.

Check the Propeller

It is not enough that your boat is clean. You also need to periodically check the different parts of the boat to ensure that your boat is functioning well. This includes checking the propeller. Try to check for dents and damages that it might have. The smallest nick can affect the performance of your boat. It can also cause excessive oscillations, adding more damage to your propeller.

Change the Oil

Like any motorized vehicle, it is important that you change your oil regularly. As an angler, you should know how to change your boat’s oil so as not to leave it useless after. There are proper steps that you have to do to change the oil. In the process, I suggest you have to look into specifics so that you will not miss out on anything.


With all the features that it has, I think that the Lowe 1810 Fishing Machine Pro WT top our list of the best aluminum fishing boat for rough water. Its incorporated features would make it a better option than the rest on our list, with innovations such as a walk-through windshield and a high-level performance fishing package that would help you improve your fishing experience.

With its ample storage for materials, you will not run out of space where you will keep your tools. What I like most about this boat, though, is that it helps you deliver a top-notch fishing performance even when you are exposed to rough water. That is why I decided that it beats the rest of the fishing boats on our list.

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