Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Casting Rod Review 2022

Fishing Rod Background Information

The Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 casting rod used in this review was evaluated after approximately eight months of use. This is a 7ft medium-heavy casting rod, used in a variety of bass fishing applications which include: soft plastics, topwater, hard baits, and heavy drop shot. Line variations include the use of 10# P-Line Fluorocarbon, 12# Izorline Platinum Copolymer, 15# Yozuri Hybrid Copolymer, and 30# Sufix Braid. The Abu Garcia Veritas has seen several improvements and upgrades over the original iterations of the Veritas fishing rod, which was regarded as fragile, and the user feedback speaks for itself.

abu garcia veritas
abu garcia veritas 2.0


This rod has been thrown into the back of a car countless times, hit several ceilings, tree branches, and other various obstacles. The rod tip and butt end is still intact and in excellent condition despite all of the abuse it has seen. The reel seat remains strong, stable, and maintains its great tactile click. All guides are still intact and aligned even after being flattened and bent back more than once. The clear coat close to the hook keeper has seen a few scratches from various hooks dragging along the rod, but no chipping has been observed as of yet. The EVA grips are still in excellent condition with no loosening or sloughing of material despite many hours of use.

Durability Rating: 5/5


The rod has a nicely built backbone that feels stiff and strong enough to gently lift bass weighing 3-4lbs out of the water, and definitely enough to fight and lift even bigger fish in the water. Spiral Carbon Core, is what they call their rod construction and they claim it adds 22% more strength to the breaking point of the rod (33% more tip strength, too!) [source]. I personally haven’t been able to test these numbers for myself since the rod hasn’t yet broken; and I have pulled on some truly snared structures to free lures on braid.

The rod tip flexes at a desirable point, offering just enough of a cushion to keep the line tight on a fish while still being very sensitive to nibbles and light bites.

Strength Rating: 5/5

Ease of Use

The ease of use rating is based on castability, weight, and comfort of the fishing rod.

With a lure that falls within the weight rating for this medium-heavy rod, casting is as simple and easy as expected. When using lighter lures however, it certainly becomes difficult to cast a long distance, but this is a fact of all heavier casting outfits and the type of reel equipped also plays a large role. This rod has been used to cast lures or rigs a ½ oz over its maximum rated limit, with no signs of weakening or breaking. Line flies through the Fuji SiC lined guides smoothly, regardless of line material.

The weight of the rod is an unfortunate and mild drawback, with it being heavier in comparison to some other medium-heavy rods that fall in the same price range. While day-trips are certainly possible with this rod, your wrist may feel a bit fatigued by the end of the day from repeated casting. This may be a result of the increased strength of the fishing rod, and doesn’t take much merit away from the improvements this rod has seen over its predecessor.

The EVA foam grips are comfortable enough, though may chafe the skin of your palm and fingers after extensive use. The trigger nub could use some redesign as well, as the curvature feels unnatural and does not contour to your fingers very well.

Ease of Use Rating: 4/5

Conclusion and Overall Rating For The Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0

The Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 medium-heavy casting rod is an excellent choice for people looking to buy their first casting rod. At $99.99, it is affordable and durable – two qualities that most beginner and intermediate anglers look for when purchasing a new fishing rod. The increased weight is a minor drawback that is overshadowed by all of the positive characteristics of this rod; most notably, its strength and durability. A purchase of any of the Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 casting rods will be money well spent and will provides years of fish landing fun.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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